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Home care guides to help you navigate the world of senior home health care. We provide answers to frequently asked questions and step-by-step care guides. Whether you are looking to learn how to choose a quality home care provider, or the steps to make sure your home is safe for your senior family member, this category is where you’ll find valuable resources. Check out each article to learn more!

100 Senior Safety Tips for the Elderly

100 Senior Safety Tips for the Elderly Learn simple, practical and effective safety measures to keep seniors protected, healthy and independent With more than 26% of Americans 65 years or older living alone, keeping the elderly safe has become an important concern for families and caregivers alike. Being aware of potential dangers means that [...]

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Summer Food Safety Tips for Seniors

Summer Food Safety Tips for Seniors Essential summer food safety tips for seniors and their families. Learn what food items to avoid, how to safely handle and cook food, and more The season for family vacations, picnics and fun-filled outdoors activities is here again. But with it, concerns over summer food safety for seniors [...]

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How to Choose a Home Care Agency

How to Choose a Home Care Agency How to choose a home care agency you can trust - nine questions you need to ask all home care providers before selecting a caregiver. One of the most challenging aspects or selecting a home care agency for your elderly loved one is knowing where to start and [...]

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