• How Much Does Home Care Cost for the Elderly

How Much Does Home Care Cost for the Elderly?

Information regarding the home care cost for the elderly: options, alternatives and cost comparison of senior care services.

How much does home care cost for my elderly loved one? Will I be able to afford it? We’re here to answer these questions and walk you through all the alternatives. Use these resources to make an informed decision regarding the type of in-home care services that you need and how to manage the costs associated with caregiving.

With our senior population set to double by 2040, we are seeing not only an increasing demand for care services, but also an increasing supply of elderly care providers across the country. In this context, finding affordable care for a senior or disabled patient can definitely seem like a difficult task. This is especially true if you have little experience or knowledge regarding home care services. We understand how frustrating it can be!

Because the home care cost for the elderly depends largely on your location, type and duration of care, the first step is to assess the needs of your loved one. Ask yourself these questions: Does my loved one need help around the clock or just for a few hours? What is the level of care that is needed? Generally, there are 3 options to consider:

  • Assisted Living Facilities – typically facilities that provide assistance with the activities of daily living (ADLs).
  • Nursing Homes – facilities that offer intensive care as well as nursing supervision around the clock.
  • Home Care – personalized care with wide range of daily activities, that allows patients to remain in their own home.

For assistance with activities of daily living (also knows as ADLs) – such as grooming and personal care, transportation or grocery shopping, families and seniors prefer non-medical home care. Caregivers ( home health aides or certified nursing assistants) can provide flexible and affordable in-home care services. You can schedule these services to fit the needs of your loved ones. As a result, they can continue to live in the comfort of their own home. Aging in place has many advantages over other types of senior care: they are affordable and provide psychological benefits. They help avoid depression associated with moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility, and also offer relief to family members.

Generally, home care services are charged by the hour. The national average hourly cost for home care services is between $20-$40 / hour.  The 2015 Genworth National Cost of Care Survey provides a useful cost comparison for median – maximum range of home care cost for the elderly:

Type of Care Home Care Nursing Home Assisted Living
Hourly $20-$40 N/A  N/A
Daily $120-$240 $250-$1,255 $120-$375
Monthly $3,600-$7,200 $7,500-$37,650 $3,600-$11,250

Apart from being an affordable service, home care also has the advantage of decreasing the number of unplanned hospital admissions. Caregivers’ assistance significantly reduces the risk of fall-related injuries around the house. This is important, because 30% of seniors over 65 years fall each year, with falls being the leading cause of accidental death in people over 65. Additionally, home care promotes a healthy living environment, ensures that the patients remember to take their medication on time, and generally improves patient safety around the home.

At Start of Care Home Health, we are proud to offer a wide range of medical and non-medical home care services. Our affordable care plans are a perfect fit for seniors who require assistance in the home. We understand that the costs of home care for the elderly can add up to a significant expense. Our agency will help you determine the needed level of care, as well as provide assistance in finding the right options to tap into when financial assistance is needed to pay for home care costs. Contact us today and start the journey to well-being.

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